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[TowerTalk] wall or eve mounts wanted

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Subject: [TowerTalk] wall or eve mounts wanted
From: "David L. Thompson" <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 15:57:09 -0400
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I am looking for two wall or eve mounts.  At one time Rohn made them to
accept the bottom section of the push up masts.  I need the type that
accepts at least 2" and better yet are 2.5" as I am going to use the
fiberglass mast sections I have both at my house and at the 2nd home on St.
Simons Island to hold a 6 meter beam and rotor.

The only type sold now only fits the 1.25" mast.  I tried Ack Radio and
several web vendors with no luck.

Dave K4JRB

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