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I should think that it was generally easier for someone to get oil than
askarel, unless they happened to know someone who had access at work (of
course, hams would be in a general class of folks who would be more likely
than the average schmoe to know someone like that).

Mineral oil is available in myriad usable forms from myriad places, so, if I
were betting, I'd bet the cantenna has oil, not askarel.
Drug stores, feed stores, auto parts, the supermarket etc. all have mineral
oil.  You'd probably have to go to a specialized supplier to get askarels,
just like getting transformer oil.  At least for transformer oil, you can
look in the yellow pages under "oil - jobbers".  For this kind of
application, too, you wouldn't be so concerned about water content (which is
the usual problem with using feed/drug store oil or lubricating oil for

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> I recall the Cantennas were sold without oil being provided and it was up
> the buyer to get the oil.  In other words, it could have safe oil or bad
> 73,


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