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Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 21:13:14 -0700
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Mike Tope (W4EF) wrote:
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In large quantities (>1000 gallons) almost all reasonably pure liquids cost
about $2-3/gallon, oil is no exception.  I used to work at a place where we
used to get deliveries of several thousand gallons of USP light mineral oil
at a shot. (I won't say how much we sold it for by the quart or gallon, but
it was a substantial markup over the bulk cost, but... there's the cost to
build the storage tank, the filling apparatus, the guy to run the filler,
the empty bottles, etc.  It all adds up... so if someone is selling you high
quality oil at $5-10/gallon, in small quantities they're not getting rich on

Something to add on buying from jobbers... They don't always have it in
stock in 5 gallon pails. Sometimes, all they'll have is 55 gallon drums.
You've got two choices: wait, or call around til you find someone who's got
it in stock, OR, bring your own container, if they'll sell you less than 55
gallons (sometimes they will).  Then the problem is keeping it clean and
dry, but if you're going to fill something (i.e. a load) right away, then
it's not a big deal.  If you're going to put it on the shelf to periodically
top things up, it's another story.  Oh yeah.. sometimes the jobber will
order it for you, but it might take a few weeks.  In any case, the minimum
sale quantity is going to be 5 gallons... So find some friends who need new
oil in their HV power supplies or loads.

Another inexpensive mineral oil that might be scroungable and work in a load
(although I haven't tried it) would be hydraulic fluid.  (NOT brake fluid!)
Again, the farm implement store is your best bet.


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