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From: W0UN -- John Brosnahan <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 11:25:46 -0500
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At 10:21 AM 6/7/2004, Keith Dutson wrote:

What kind of rope should be used to haul antennas up the tower using a
tramline?  For a 150 foot tower how long should it be?  Any recommendation
on a supplier?  TIA

Keith WD5DXL


I assume that you mean the tram itself rather than the haul (pulling) rope.

I have found that (for me at least) a synthetic rope is NOT the way
to go.  Just too much stretch.  I have always used a length of 3/16
or 1/4 inch guy strand (1x7 EHS).   It has depended on the size
of the antenna and the height of the tower.

It is always nice to get as far away from the tower as possible--
makes the pulling easier and less chance to interfere with the
guy wires.   Since the typical (Rohn recommended) guy anchor
position is 80% of the tower height--I go as a minimum, if possible,
out to the height of the tower--100% of the height or more.

This should keep everything well clear of any interference with
the guys on the way up.

Back guying the tram guy is always recommended unless special
techniques are used--in my case (Rohn 55) I install the top set
of guys about 10 ft down from the top of the tower.  This gives
me 10 ft of room to install the tram at the top and allow some room
UNDER the tram for the antenna to hang.   And for most antennas
I have found it not to be necessary to back guy the 10 ft of Rohn 55.

Of course others have come up with systems that work for them--
so you will probably get a number of suggestions from others.

For haul ropes and all tower work in general I use a BRAIDED rope--
so there is no predominant "lay" of the rope which will cause the
rope to unwind when under load.  Mountain climbing ropes are nice
and are relatively widely available at companies like REI.  But I
have tended to use a rope called Samson Stable Braid--although
the company has changed hands and I am not sure of the best
way to find these ropes today.  I prefer Dacron rather than Nylon.
Dacron has MUCH less stretch and allows better control.

BTW  When using EHS for the tram line you will want to use a
steel pulley on the tram.   I use a lot of mountain climbing gear--
but most of it is aluminum.  The steel guy wire will tear up the
aluminum pulley--making it a threat to synthetic ropes if you
ever end up using that "roughed-up" pulley with another rope.

Hopefully this gives you a few things to think about!

73 es gl John W0UN

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