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Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 22:46:57 -0400
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> The press release says nothing, except to suggest 3 dB
> signal from whatever this loaded monopole is, vs. 'normal'

A west-coast amateur predicted a new magic antenna was due
to appear soon. Magical antennas all follow the same basic
script with different "fill in the blank" phrases.

________ was accidentally discovered by a fellow who works
part time on antennas because he needed an antenna that had
high performance in limited space.

The __________  antenna does not follow conventional rules,
and cannot be modeled in normal MOM based programs. It was
verified by the person who invented it in over-the-air tests
in at least _________  locations, where it was successfully
compared to other reference antennas of unknown efficiency.

The ________ will eventually benefit society by _________.

What you will always find is the inventor:

1.) Never used a real antenna range or real test setup
2.) Never had it peer reviewed or verified by independent
3.) Always discovers some new physics everyone else "missed"
4.) Often uses "X worked XX with only XXX watts" as proof of
some absolute performance.

These things repeat so often, I'm shocked anyone would
believe something that fits the same pattern over and over.

DDRR, CFA, Fractals, CTA, E-H, Super-C, and so on. I'll omit
the various beams and quads, some of which are still on the
market (like 20dB gain super contest quagi's from the 80's
and 6dB gain two-element antennas from the 90's and later).

73 Tom


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