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[TowerTalk] 80 4-square inside a 160 4-square? Pros and Cons please!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 80 4-square inside a 160 4-square? Pros and Cons please!
From: "Robert Shohet" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 20:24:04 -0400
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Hi Guys,

I am planning some major antenna projects and am trying to determine
the pros and cons of several options.

One of them is to drape a 160 4-square off my tower at the 120' level-
really more like 4 inv l's.  If I did this, then my existing 80 4 square
(inv l's) would be inside the 160 4-square.

I can't imagine this would be good for the 80 meter 4-square performance.

Has anyone out there actually had an  80 4-square inside a 160 4-square and
can tell me about actual changes in performance (that they have observed) of
the 80 4-square and what they were?

Can anyone tell me of any performance issues that they think might develop
and how they might be mitigated?

Are these problems (if any) worsened by using BOTH antennas at the same time
on different bands with two different radios?  Both 4-squares would be using
elevated radials.  Would using elevated vs ground radials make any
difference for better of worse?

I would appreciate any thoughts and comments, especially from those of you
might have already dealt with this situation.


Bob KQ2M


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