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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] Re: [FCG] HF LOG-PERIODIC ANTENNAS Comments Please
From: Joe <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 16:40:01 -0600
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Sounds like Force 12 propaganda...check their web site. ;-) Then check the SteppIR web site. Interesting comparisons. My momma always told me not to step on someone to make myself look taller.

My SteppIR works like a champ, and, based upon ownership and demonstrated performance over decades of playing radio, is head and shoulders above all the multi-band aluminum beams (Mosely, HyGain, Cushcraft) I've owned in the past. I've never observed such a dramatic F/B ratio. And it goes without saying that the instant reverse isn't available in any other antenna (except perhaps for a vertical, and to a limited degree, a dipole).

I really enjoy the "bi-directional" performance on 6 meters, since I can listen in two directions at once for band openings, then push the button to aim the beam instantaneously where the signal is coming from. I don't think you can match the weight of the single, all band 20 - 6 meter SteppIR against the multitude of Force 12's (or any other manufacturer) needed to achieve that combination. I'll never go back.

Compromise? Well, that's pretty much the case for any particular antenna ever made. More than likely, it will always be the case unless you have deep enough pockets. It's interesting to note that US military forces are now buying SteppIRs, along with the US State Department, for use around the world.

Above all, I place the guys at SteppIR at the absolute pinnacle when it comes to customer service. Of all the dealers/manufacturers I've dealt with in 43 years of playing radio, the fully understand customer service and respond unflinchingly when a question comes up, explanations are needed, or something doesn't go right.

My station: Icom 756Pro, Alpha 87a, Palstar AT4K tuner...blah blah blah....and a great antenna: SteppIR 4 element with 2 passive elements for 6m.

Everyone's antenna is always the best, because they made the decision to buy it....right?


At 03:50 PM 6/22/2004, Keith Dutson wrote:
>Ten Tec Orion, Alpha 87A and the 4 element SteppIR

Nice station!

Your SteppIR must have the complicated matching network to work for all
bands since element positioning is a compromise with the design.  This
network is lossy.

By contrast, a Force 12 multi-monoband has no such compromise and no
associated loss.

Give me the Force 12 antenna for simplicity, strength and light weight.

BTW, my station:
Icom 775DSP, Alpha 87A, Force 12 C-4XL (soon to be a stack of C-4XL, C3,
C-4XL, C3 on 150 foot tower).

Keith WD5DXL


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