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[TowerTalk] any engineers explain difference between

Subject: [TowerTalk] any engineers explain difference between
From: Bob Smith <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 23:00:13 -0700
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Hi Bill and All,

I use a warn XD9000 winch to raise and lower my Tri-ex LM470 Tower.
I've got the winch mounted on the raising frame with a pulley at the top
of the frame, then a pulley on the tower and the cable feed to it and then
back to the raising fixture. (real clear huh?, I can get you a picture if you
need it).

The cable freewheels out and when the clutch is engaged the cone brake
holds the tower in place.  With the clutch engaged the tower can be raised
and lowered using the winch switch so the brake works all the time.
 I use a 12v battery to power the winch with no problems in raising or
lowering the tower assy.


Bob Smith
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A winch rated for 'pulling'
and a winch rated for 'lifting'.

I see Warn and other list a winch having 3500# of 'pulling' capacity.

Is this the same as 'lifting' capacity?

as always "Please and Thank You".

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Bill H. in Chicagoland


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