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Subject: [TowerTalk] SteppIR S/N 1
From: "Kim Bottles" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 07:49:42 -0700
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Tom, K5RC says: 
"As for the SteppIR. Don't have one and don't want one, only because I
been bit in the past buying serial #1."
No worries Tom, you can't have SteppIR S/N 1 anyway because  I bought it
(SteppIR S/N 1) in April of 2001. I then waited until Dec 1, 2001 for
them to design, debug, and produce it.  
Yes, I bought it before it even existed. Why? Because common sense told
me that it would work. Dimensions seems to be a major factor in antenna
design, so what could be better than the ability to change those
dimensions remotely?
Was I worried about moving parts up on my tower? No, stepper motors are
famously reliable (in far more demanding applications than a ham radio
2-1/2 years later I will state that the SteppIR is the best piece of Ham
Gear I have ever purchased in 39 years of being a ham.  
I tend to change my ham gear/antennas very often. I like playing with
new stuff. But I will not be selling this antenna. In fact I just bought
a 4 element SteppIR and plan to install it this summer at my home QTH.
SteppIR S/N 1 will then become a portable antenna for my new Icom 703+
QRP rig. (I also bought the BigIR SteppIR vertical, I am VERY pleased
with it too.)
Everyone has their own opinions about the "best" antenna. I have no idea
if the SteppIR is the "best" antenna. I have never used a Force 12
antenna or a Tennadyne LP, I can only say that I am a VERY happy SteppIR
owner and every SteppIR owner I have ever spoken with seems to agree
with me. (My previous antenna was a TH7DXX.)
In the meanwhile, thanks to everyone for a very entertaining thread. I
have enjoyed reading all of your comments.
Kim Bottles - K7IM
Bainbridge Island, WA.

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