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RE: [TowerTalk] CAT 5 as Rotator cable

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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] CAT 5 as Rotator cable
From: "Martin Sole" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 09:33:24 +0700
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Not had much chance to reply to posting on the use of CAT5 as rotator cable,
work can be such a drag at times. Anyway, I have received a lot of input on
this, some direct and some via the reflector. In summary it seems people are
very divided on the topic. For sure it is perhaps a less than ideal approach
but there are people who have reported using it with no problems over
significant lengths. Perhaps the rotator type and load have a bearing(sic)
on this.

I will at some point need additional cabling for outside switching units,
and for this most have suggested that the CAT5 should be okay. There have
been comments that suggest that this type of cable, unless specifically
rated will deteriorate very fast outdoors due to UV exposure, then again
others have reported that it holds up very well for a good number of years.
Right now I intend to go ahead and try it, the cable is not going to get
used otherwise. If I find it unsuitable I will just have to go get something
more suitable and retain the CAT5 for switch relays etc.

Thanks for all the great replies, all very useful.

Martin, HS0ZED


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