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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn Torque Bars
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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 05:51:50 -0400
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> > I am in the process of replacing guys on my 108 ft
> > Rohn 25 tower, and am
> > planning to eliminate the TB25 torque bars. I was
> > told a few years ago that
> > Rohn discontinued them  because they decided they
> > were unnecessary.
> > Wondering what the consensus is among the Towertalk
> > experts? Tnx   JACK

That statement puzzles me.

The torque bars I've used had a reasonably tight lateral fit
between the bar and bracket.
It sure seems to me a bar extending one foot ( as an
example) would be exactly like increasing tower radius at
the guy attachment point one foot.

I don't see how they could NOT improve resistance to

Has anyone actually analyzer what they do and don't do? Did
Rohn release that statement as a company in writing? I'm
really puzzled why they designed them in the first place if
they "don't do anything".

Could this be a case of we don't sell enough to be worth
stocking, so it does nothing to help profits type of "do

73 Tom


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