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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 80
From: Steve Maki <>
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2004 13:53:54 -0400
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>I have a few questions regarding Rohn 80 that I hope someone can help me with. 
> Was all Rohn 80 created equal?  Were the cross bar supports always "bolt on" 
>or was there a version that came with the cross supports welded?  Anyone have 
>a suggestion on what fair market value would be for a 10' section?  A 20' 
>section?  The sections would be from a used tower and in good condition.  
>Mike W4PT

There are many versions of Rohn 80 sections. Leg size varies from
approx. 2" OD to 3.5" OD. Diagonals can be angle of various size,
or tube with squashed ends, and can be in W or X configuration.
They are always bolt-on however.

Rohn 80 towers were generally engineered to specific requirements,
with different types of sections comprising a single tower. Hence,
random individual sections are not very useful for commercial purposes
unless reinstalled exactly as before, and with the same or less loading.

The most likely market would be to a ham wanting an 80 meter yagi
support, where you wouldn't worry TOO much about which sections
you had, because even the lightest #80 sections would be plenty
strong enough. You WOULD worry about the condition of the diagonals
if they are the tube type - they tend to rust pretty quickly in some

I've got a few hundred feet of 80 that I've offered at c. $12 per
foot once or twice, and it's definitely not jumping out of here!

Good luck

Steve K8LX

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