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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 08:14:15 -0400
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Thanks to you AK6I and K8RI for the explanation of TPI.

I measured BOTH bolts and it appears that they are BOTH
16 TPI.

Regarding the size of the bolts, the diameter of BOTH
bolts appears to be almost halfway between 5/16" and 3/8".

There are NO ridges or lines on either bolt.

Any further help in identifying these bolts would be greatly

Thanks! & 73

Bob KQ2M

> Hi BOB:
> Thread pitch is the number of "threads per inch", usually stated as
> My R25G bolts all came with "fine" threads or SAE threads as some call
> The size of your bolt head, 9/16", makes me think these are 5/16" or even
> bolts. R25G uses 2 sizes per leg - so, I would have to guess that R45/55
> series would too...The 5/16" size is the only one common to both, but
> compare those threads. Most Home Depot/Lowes stores have a display with
> sizes mounted so you can match what you have... Fine thread, like 24
pitch, in
> galv bolts is rare to find in common home owner type stores...they usually
> only carry course threads. IF they are grade 5, there will be 3 little
"cast in
> the head of the bolt" lines or ridges...kind of like a 3-blade airplane
> This is the universal sign for high strength steel bolts. IF you don't see
> those, don't use them.
> Regards, 73
> Mel Frost


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