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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] RE: Horizontal Loops
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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:21:09 -0400
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> Apparently the emphasis in the ARRL antenna book was to
> a multi-band vee beam rather than a maximum gain vee beam
> as my apex angle of about 50 degrees resulted in the
> being usable on several bands but not being a "barn

That's why even with a 300-foot tower and hundreds of acres
of pasture with hundred foot trees I don't use LW arrays.

> EZNEC reported somewhat over 20 dbi gain peak on 10 meters
> which is about as much added gain over a good Yagi as the
> Yagi is over a dipole.  This is indeed a barn burner but
> also showed the 3db gain anglewidth to be about 5 degrees
> and the 30db gain anglewidth to be not much wider!

I think you mean -3dB BeamWidth and -30dB?? I don't follow

You might get a copy of Antennas and Transmission Lines by
John Kuecken. It was originally printed by Howard Sams and
reprinted now by MFJ. I used that book way back in the early
70's in college classes. It was based on a series of
lectures by John (Jack) Kuecken.

It has a chapter dealing with LW arrays, and my own
experiments have agreed. I've been generally unsuccessful in
finding a V beam (or even a Rhombic) that has substantially
more gain that a three element Yagi.

If  there is a V beam that does 20dBi and has a reasonable
beamwidth for that gain, I'm interested. I can do that with
a large distributed feed curtain array.


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