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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] Mast Raising Fixture
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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 09:01:59 -0400
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> Greetings all....
> Just put up a Rohn RTP to 80'....putting in a 24' mast....anyone have 
> plans for something to raise and lower it?
> Bob


Just a suggestion for thought ... This may not work in your situation.

Managing a 24' mast sticking up free above the top of the tower can be quite
an effort/potential for an accident.

How about this?  Can you get the mast *inside* the tower from down at/near
ground level? (This may have been easier if done as the tower was being put
up, but I gather you already have erected the tower.)

The idea is to contain the mast within the tower and raise it up inside the
tower to pass through the hole(s) in internal/top plate(s) so you don't have
to wrestle with it "freestanding" projecting 24' above the top of the tower.

Then, you could raise the mast *inside* the tower until it protrudes above
(passing through the hole in) the rotor plate, any intermediate plate, and
the top plate.  You could haul it up using a "rolling hitch" a few feet
below the top of the mast.  Once you get the top end through at least one
internal tower plate, you can use "vise-grip" or other "chain wrenches" to
firmly grip the mast, allowing you to raise it further (ideally, you'll use
2 or more of these tools).  This will give you something to lift with and
should prevent the mast from falling all the way down should your grip slip.
(Once one (or more) of these wrenches are on the mast, I'd still be inclined
to move the "rolling hitch" down and tie it off - just in case - as you work
the mast up to the final desired height. You'll probably have to raise the
mast a bit more than the final position to get the rotor in place, then
lower it to the final position.)

Just some thoughts.  They may not work for you because it's not clear if you
can get the mast inside the tower from ground level at this point.

Carl - wk3c


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