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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] ground strap width: 3' vs 6'...
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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 06:42:31 -0700
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Thanks for the response. I should have said "flashing" instead of "strap".

Strap is a more efficient geometry than tubing bcause it supplies a lower
impedance from its larger surface area; tubing > solid because it puts the
copper close to the skin where it does the most good. Strap will slide under
the shingles along the side of the house, so that's a good thing.


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> I am installing ground straps between a garage roof mounted tower

> Copper strap will be
> used in two places, each side of the garage, to run between the tower base
> and the grounding system, about 50' each run.

> David, WA6PXX, Mercer Island, WA

Mike wrote

I may be showing ignorance here or do not fully understand what you are
trying to accomplish but wouldn't copper tubing <say 1/4" - 3/8">
accomplish the same thing?

Mike Urich, KA5CVH

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