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Re: [TowerTalk] antenna height vs hassle

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] antenna height vs hassle
From: Bill Coleman <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:00:27 -0400
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On Aug 15, 2004, at 6:27 PM, wrote:

I live on a small lot, can't really have
a guyed tower. I now have a roof tower with my 2 meter yagi at about 27', the
A3 tribander at 30' & a 6 meter yagi at 33'.

I had a similar situation at my old QTH - A3S at 35 feet, 2m boomer at 43 feet.

In order to put this 40' tower up, I would have to hire out the hole
(5'x5'x5'), then hand carry all of the concrete approx 120-150' across the grass, on
an uneven area (ugh). No way to get the truck any closer.

Here's some alternatives. First, you don't necessarily have to use a ready-mix truck. You could consider mixing the concrete yourself. If you did this, you could rent a small mixer, and do two bags at a time. (Note that it would take in excess of 100 bags, so I wouldn't recommend this)

Second, you can rent a powered wheelbarrow to carry the concrete from the curb to the hole. either that, or get about four good friends with wheelbarrows to shuttle the concrete across the yard.

Third, if the hole is downhill from the road, you can rig up a trough to the hole. Failing that, you can rent a pump truck to move the concrete uphill.

Bottom line is the cost & hassle of this worth the potential gain?
If the tower was 60-80', I'd say of course, but, going from 30' to 45', I
dunno if there would be much improvement to be worth it. I'm beginning to think

At my old QTH, I have the A3S at 35 feet. Today it is on a tower next to the house at just under 50 feet. It certainly behaves differently, especially on 20m. Further, I have much less RFI in the house.

125 cubic feet of concrete seems like a huge hassle, but I've gotten much more enjoyment out of my station since I have a (modestly) improved station.

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