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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] concrete cost
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 13:18:59 EDT
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This  reminds me, a friend of mine did succeed in getting his concrete for 
free  by calling concrete companies 'til he found one willing to listen to 
his  pitch that he's a ham radio operator and was willing to wait for a truck 
to be in his neighborhood, returning to the shop with  KE3Q
This, in FL is known as a 'hot load', and as Rich says, can be gotten cheap  
or free.  Many times contractors order a 'little extra' so they don't need  to 
order an extra 1/2 yard at an exorbitant price.  Generally, it goes back  to 
the plant and concrete company gets stuck with getting rid of  it...a pain for 
Talk to several of the local dispatchers and let them know that you would  be 
willing to take a hot load. The loads are generally small, around a yard  or 
two at the most. The two main problems are, you have to be available during  
the day and the concrete will generally be pretty 'stiff' and will have to be  
worked in a hurry.  But, if you are cheap, it's the way to go.
Bill K4XS


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