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> Oh and I asked an engineer about welding the bolts to the rebar cage
> was told NO.  Not sure I understand that as it just seems like it
> make things a lot easier.
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> I remember reading somewhere recently -- snip-- that you
> should NOT tie the bolts to the rebar, because you want the bolts to
> transfer their loads directly and evenly to the concrete, not the
The foundation iron (Rebar/flat plate for bolting tower legs to) for the
LM470 tower was furnished by the mfr. as a welded assembly.  There
was/is(?) no need to jiggle the each rebar--necessary to keep the entire
assembly vertically plumbed.  This assembly was perhaps 3 1/2
feet long and it was left to the user to "wire" up an extension rebar at
the bottom of the welded assembly.



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