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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] non conductive sealant
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Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 10:42:34 -0400
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FireBrick wrote:

Can anyone suggest of brand of sealant that can be used on antennas that's non conductive?
I'm thinking about silicone type sealants.

I had tested a glob of silicone I had using the unscientific VOM and found that it was conductive.

Silastic RTVs from Dow Corning and those from GE both work fine (Bat tub caulk, weather sealant). Just do not put them in an area where then can not cure and outgas. If it has a sharp oder like acetic acid it's because both use acetic acid and cure using water vapor. Used in the open whey work well. Used in a tight enclosed space they are a tad corrosive.

Dow Corning also makes a non corrosive version (really smells) If you can find it. They also make one that is conductive (black) which is really hard to find.

On antennas and baluns they work fine. Let cure at least a day although you'd probably not notice a problem using it sooner.

OTOH don't use them to pot printed circuit boards.
The company I worked for purchased a rather large batch of circuits that were supposed to work in a hostile environment. They worked great for about 6 weeks. They all quite within just a few days of each other. The stuff ate the foil right off the circuit boards which were potted in plastic enclousures.


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