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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] non conductive sealant
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Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 15:18:15 -0400
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Julio Peralta wrote:

I've been using a product called STUFF it's a Dielectric water proofing
filler. You flood the inner parts of the connector and the threads. When you
screw the connector on the STUFF will ooze out. Wipe it off and apply tape
and what ever else you want. It does not harder so can be reused. It works
by filling all the cracks and crevices with the STUFF so water can't get in.

I use DC-4 or DC-5 compound for this. As it was originally designed to seal spark plug connectors on B-17s at high altitude it is outstanding for this application.

A word of caution though, When ever "flooding" a connector with any dielectric grease, be careful about getting any on the outside. Clean the surface well or tape may not stick and the liquid tapes may not even stay on that surface long enough to cure.

Do not flood both ends of a piece of coax. It will tend to "breathe" with temperature changes and draw in moisture than will not be able to get out. Coax cables with large internal voids (such as 9913) are particularly susceptible to this.
If the outside can be well sealed, I've found it works well to not flood the insides with the exception of the upper most connector in the run.

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