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[TowerTalk] Noise on 80 meters...

Subject: [TowerTalk] Noise on 80 meters...
From: dennis o'connor <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 05:37:36 -0700
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Anyone know the source of the pulsing tones on 80 meters?... It's not the old woodpecker, this one sounds like a digeri doo being pulsed about 2 times a second... It is there morning and night... It's crimping my weak signal dxing...

This morning 80 sounded dead, just static crashes to S7 (with the preamp off and the RF gain dialed back) <and the digeri doo pulsing>... So in boredom I sat there a while sending CQ into a dead band... Just as I reached over to punch the power button to the amp and shut down, I thought I heard a really weak signal coming back, I mean right down in the noise - thought I was hallucinating at first, you know how it is after a contest and you are trying to go to sleep and the refrigerator is sending code - I wasn't sure the signal was really there or if my brain was morphing static into code... Probably took twenty repeats to get his call.. It was JA1HQT... I gave him a 449 but he was more like a 329... The strangest part of the qso is one time, for just one letter ' Q', the signal was literally S9+20 (even with the preamp off and rf backed off)... Here I am with my hands squeezing the head set against my ears to try and pull the call out of the static crashes, and this Q blasts me backwards in my chair and leaves my ears ringing... Strange stuff, this radio business.. Shut the radio off and walked outside into a gorgeous sunrise, not a bad way to start the day...

Denny/Doc - K8DO

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