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RE: [TowerTalk] 2 element 40m steppir yagi

Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] 2 element 40m steppir yagi
From: "Wally Klinger" <>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:24:07 -0500
List-post: <>
Hi Al,

If it were offered by StepIR, I would buy it immediately. It is just what I am looking for. I would probably buy the 4 element IR beam, put it underneath it. Then I would sandwich a 6 meter beam between the two antennas. I currently have a C31XR at 73" a 40 meter rotary dipole at 78' and a A3WS at 84'.

Don't get me wrong, the C31 is wonderful........ The finest tribander that I have ever used in 31 years of ham radio. Force 12 is one awesome company and product! I have frequntly told Tom that I owe my DXCC (closing in on honor roll) to him! :)

The EF140 is an excellent product. I am closing in on 130 DXCC countries on 40 CW, and I didn't work all that hard at it. With my new 30 meter inverted Vee, (2 weeks new) I have worked 25 countries thus far.

The A3 has served me well too. In the 150-175 range each on 12/17.

I have nothing on 6 as of now. I suspect that I missed the boat this sunspot cycle (?)

The proposed configuration would give me gain on 40/30........ and the ability to cover the CONUS (within reason) for my 20 meter nets that I am fond of. Also the contesting element allures me.

The 4 element IR would give me gain on 20 meters (4 active elements as opposed to 3 with the C31). It will be on a par with the 15 meter performance of the C31, and I would lose a bit on 10, where I have the most worked/confirmed already. The slight loss in gain won't be missed too much so long as we have propagation. It would improve my gain on 12/17.

Then there is 6 meters.

73--Wally W9BEA

I thank those that responded to my suggestion of a possible 80 meter steppir. The difficulties that loaded (linear or coil) elements would result never occurred to me. Perhaps that was because Force12 used to have a shortened element 80/40 meter yagi using linear loaded wires in there catalog.

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