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Re: [TowerTalk] Replacing coax

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Replacing coax
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 15:24:29 EDT
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In a message dated 10/11/04 7:09:40 PM Greenwich Standard Time, writes:
A barrel connector should not lose more than about .1 dB on 40
An interesting thought and perhaps the start of another thread?

I believe there was a W5 a while back with too much time on his hands who put 
a whole string of barrel and/or T-connectors together and found that the loss 
10 or 13 (?) at HF was less than .1 dB.  I think he posted it on this 
reflector or in NCJ.

I hope so since I have a whole bunch of these things in my phasing harnesses 
for 10 through 40 meters.

Bill K4XS

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