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Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 19:55:00 -0500
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    This week we had a construction / concrete contractor tearing out the old 
asphault driveway and replacing it with concrete.The asphault was underlayed 
with fairly thick rock and he was using a fair sized trackhoe to excavate it 
    I had a damaged 25-G base { about 15' away from driveway, was hit by a 
worker here last year} , this tower was one of the corners for a 580 foot loop 
{ HOHP } using 4 of 55 foot 25-G towers. The base 10' section was set 5' into 
the ground with close to a yard of concrete and some rebar. He assured me that 
he could remove the tower base with the trackhoe. He bit at the concrete base 
and pulled/pushed against it, rocking it back and forth a couple of times.Then 
we tied onto the 4-1/2' tower stub with a good sized chain attached to trackhoe 
bucket.We went around all 3 legs and under crossbraces, etc. The chain ended up 
actually pulling apart the entire tower base piece, actually shearing off the 
leg sections, but it did allow the concrete mass to move upward about 1' out of 
the hole. We had to tie around the concrete and then pulled the mass out in one 
    I do have to say that this is the first time that I ever have re-used a 
tower base hole!! Boy, it saved me some work for sure.Just a tidbit of info in 
case someone else may be faced with a similiar situation as this. CUL, Byron 

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