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[TowerTalk] Hustler mobile resonators dipole

Subject: [TowerTalk] Hustler mobile resonators dipole
From: "Scott Fike" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 21:15:11 -0500
List-post: <>
Hi all,

I recently moved into a townhome that has a very small, postage-stamp sized 35' square backyard with no trees or other vertical supports whatsoever and we do have some antenna restrictioning covenants to abide by..

With such a small, antenna unfriendly environment, I have settled on the idea of small, low-profile HF vertical of some sort.

Specifically, I have been thinking of using two 80 meter Hustler/Newtronics mobile resonators fastened back to back in a dipole configuration. Only instead of putting them in the more common horizontal configuration, I was wanting to orient them in the vertical position. I would put the bottom resonator half of the dipole in a pvc tube for a support and stick the whole antenna in the ground with the radiating resonator half sticking up in the air and the bottom, shielded dipole half still above the ground, but inside the pvc tube, the coaxial cable would then feed the antenna in the middle and come out at the usual right angle into the house. I would hopefully be using this antenna for low band DX work and tune it up with a tuner for the higher bands.

I settled on the idea of using the Hustler/Newtronics mobile whip resonators instead of the more commonly used hamsticks due to the Hustler resonators having a coil in the middle for higher Q (more efficient).

I have a few questions about such an antenna:

1) I'm assuming that orienting this antenna vertically would make it vetically polarized. Is this correct?

2) I was also wondering if somebody with some EZNEC modeling experience might be willing to model this antenna for me so I could see what the radiation pattern of such a physically small (but electrically long) antenna would be like. Specifically, I'm interested in seeing what the angle of radiation would be and would it be even remotely low enough angle of attack useful for any semblance of DX work at all?

Yes, I know this is a highly comprimised antenana, but these are the conditions under which I face for antennas around here and so I must adapt and be flexible or risk not having any antenna at all.

Many Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Scott, KC0BUS

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