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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Take off angles
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 20:51:03 +1300
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>The problem with the experiment is that which mode is open, or how 
MANY modes are open and which one(s) being used, may not be 
determinable or selectable unless both ends have an antenna with a 
very narrow vertical aperture.

I wonder if Guy's observation begs the question, if both ends have antennas 
with different vertical apertures (or horizontal patterns) which is more often 
the case, then different take off angles versus arrival angles might go some 
way to explaining the apparent paradox of 'one-way-skip'.

Many of us have received S9 reports from stations which are really S2-3, and 
wondered whether this was flattery or the result of high-gain preamps ( I'm 
excluding contest reports, of course) and when the other station is running 
1kW to a KT34XA or whatever at 100 feet and you are running 100w  to a 
tribander at 35 feet then it takes some cojones to give a 539 report.

By the same token, I have received 539 reports from QRP stations with big 
antennas to whom I have given genuine 599 reports - with a C4 at 60 feet 
and a TS-820 barefoot.
It's a PITA in a contest, but for a multiplier, I'll amend the received report 
pleasure. <G>
That's what I like about antennas - they're so unpredictable, in spite of NEC.


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