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[TowerTalk] Quick cable question on LMR 400

Subject: [TowerTalk] Quick cable question on LMR 400
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 08:08:07 EDT
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I am still fixing up hurricane damage to my station.  On getting my 20  meter 
Yagi at 150 feet down to ground level I found that the jumper coax  made of 
about 25 feet of LMR 400 Ultra-Flex had the jacket shredded off it  by some 
ropes banging against it...coax ruined.
The Yagi is part of a stack system with four identical runs of coax.   The 
other three antennas have identical jumpers using LMR 400 Ultra.   The coax 
not be used in a situation where there is much flex and  since I have a roll 
of regular Times LMR 400 and NO Ultra Flex, I want to  use the regular to 
replace the Ultra Flex.  I want to get this antenna  back up and the top Yagi 
200 down and repaired by time for ordering  Flex stuff.
According to the specs, the dielectric constant for both is the  same.  
Therefore, all members of the stack will stay in  symmetry.  Am I correct in 
assuming that the Times Ultra Flex and the  regular Times LMR 400 behave the 
electrically and can be  interchanged?
Bill K4XS

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