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Re: [TowerTalk] Hustler mobile resonators dipole

To: Pete Smith <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Hustler mobile resonators dipole
From: "Alan C. Zack" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 12:16:50 -0700
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If it comes to a vertical arrangement I'd suggest a screwdriver type so you could remotely tune it to different bands. That way you could maybe get it higher without having to worry about how to reach it to switch resonators, etc. I think one of the screwdriver antenna makers offers a base installation option for this purpose.

Pete Smith wrote:

Pretty funny -- I wasn't sure what Tom meant by a "Marconi", so I went to the ARRL Antenna Book to look it up, and the only reference in the index was to the guy who did those early experiments -- *that* Marconi. ON4UN's book had no index reference to Marconi at all.

From context, I infer that Tom is talking about base-feeding one mobile whip, as originally intended, and placing it over a good ground plane. Correct? In that case, wouldn't another, more efficient mobile antenna be a better choice? I used a Hustler mobile whip in a garden apartment back in the 70's, and while it worked, I never had really good feelings about the resonator, since it got warm with only 100 watts CW.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 07:39 AM 10/18/2004, Tom Rauch wrote:

>   Specifically, I have been thinking of using two 80 meter
> Hustler/Newtronics mobile resonators fastened back to back
in a dipole
> configuration. Only instead of putting them in the more
common horizontal
> configuration, I was wanting to orient them in the
vertical position.


My suggestion would be you do something different.

You will have much poorer efficiency with a vertical dipole
of loaded elements compared to a similar height and coil
style antenna worked as a Marconi against a good ground

 If you can, you might consider as large a ground system as
you can muster (as many straight radials as you can fit, or
a screen) and a Marconi antenna. You will have less ground
loss, less feedline radiation, wider bandwidth, and better
antenna efficiency if you keep the same overall height and
use the antenna as a Marconi. The only thing you have to do
that is more work is install a ground of some type.

A vertical dipole is workable, but decoupling the feedline
is a chore and the losses are pretty high with two mobile
antennas back-to-back.

73 Tom


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