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[TowerTalk] elevated anchor guy points

Subject: [TowerTalk] elevated anchor guy points
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 05:34:11 -0700
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I purchased a house last year as a compromise house that was OK but
didn't have some things (like more land) that I really wanted but I
needed to get into a house for a new job in a new city. I still have
not found the land/house combination, and need to get a tower or two up
in the air. Main problem is that I have a 50 foot gas pipe line running
along one edge of the property. If I put up towers here, it would be
best to locate one or two of the guys along the property line. I have
done some preliminary exploration and the gas pipeline company may give
me a few feet of space at the edge of their easement which would let me
sink an anchor point/points. The problem is they would like to minimize
the "permanent" stuff over their easement iin case they need to get to
their pipeline. 

What would help would be to elevate the guy points above ground. Five
or six feet would be reasonable and make them happy. 

I have previously used back guyed drill stem buried in concrete to
anchor some towers, but was never happy with it. Towers always stayed
up but I just would have liked the additional security. My towers are
100 and 120 feet tall sticks of Rohn 45 and I will run some big
antennas on them (two or three monobanders on each of them). 

Does anyone have suggestions on what and how to do elevated guy anchor
points which will hold the load of the tower? Has anyone had an
engineer do the calculations for a steel I-Beam buried in concrete or
steel pipe?  I can't use a back guy, so the anchor has to take the
whole weight of the tower and stay where it belongs. Can anyone tell me
about their experience, or how to calculate the loads to figure the
minimum specs needed or is my only answer to spend some money on an



                 Gary           W5FI


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