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[TowerTalk] TX-455 tiltover fixture

Subject: [TowerTalk] TX-455 tiltover fixture
From: Bill Ogden <>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:16:26 -0400
List-post: <>

I have a TX-455 tiltover fixture, purchased about two years ago.  Mine is
more or less in line with the tower.  There is considerable "wiggle room"
in this alignment.  When left to its natural position the winch handle
scrapes the fixture brace on every revolution, but I can lean against the
brace and move it enough to avoid this.  It seems strong enough and I
seldom tilt it over so I have accepted it the way it is.

The original side braces sent with the tower did not work.  The angles on
the tabs were simply wrong.  After a month of telephone calls, digital
pictures, etc, UST sent replacement braces.  These work although the tabs
on each end do not lie flush against either the main tiltover member
(containing the winch) or the attachment points on the tower base.  I
assume the same brace is used for other tower sizes and UST has attempted
to economize by using a compromised fit.  It does the job but does not
provide an impression of quality.  I ordered cable guide rings.  I received
one with a longer arm and two others the same size; they do not exactly
line up vertically.  Again, they do the job.  One hole in my base plate is
about 1/2" from where it should be.  UST sent me a thick washer (with a
sliver removed from one side) that allowed the plate to work. (Another
three weeks.)

Bottom line: the tower is strong and does the job.  However, small errors
creep into their manufacturing and shipping processes. Measure your
tiltover braces carefully, including the tab lengths, and ask for a
replacement if they are not exactly the same.

I still have the first tiltover braces they sent.  I think they are for a
larger tower.  Anyone is welcome to take them if you pick them up.
(Poughkeepsie, NY area)

Bill --- W2WO


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