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[TowerTalk] Mounting a 4x4 in concrete

Subject: [TowerTalk] Mounting a 4x4 in concrete
From: dennis o'connor <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 04:38:38 -0700
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Dig a 4X4X4 foot hole - stand up an 8 foot long, 6" dia., steel pipe in the hole and brace it - fill the pipe with sand to ground level then pour the concrete into the hole- after the concrete sets, stand up the the 4X4 into the pipe - pack sand around the 4X4 to the top of the pipe - go have a cold one...
The hardest part is standing up the 4X4 and inserting it into the tube - gonna take six fellas and four ropes...
Also, weld short, angle iron stubs to the outside of the pipe and put some rebar throughout the hole, all wired or welded togetherto help it stay keyed into the concrete, ...

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