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Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 08:27:21 -0800
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Regards to the rotor plate VS TB3 --
I used to have to drill new holes for mounting a TB3, like Froggy says. On any major aerial setup, I would use the 2 thrust bearings, with the rotator not holding any weight, just the pointy bolts inside the bearing holder.... never ever had a problem with that .. Back to the plate, I would then cold spray galvanize the drilled to protect the little bared ferrous critters ... made me feel good, anyway .... Another thing ... I took an AS25G to my local blacksmithy, whom I knew, and he built me one. The second time around, when he understood what it was we were manufacturing, it was perfect, and we made a model out of cardboard for future use. He got interested in my "projects", and made all sorts of clamps and platforms, tower bases and items to stick in the concrete to hold up the structure... was easier and cheaper than trying to get the original mfgrs. stuff. Only problem with ye olde blacksmythe shoppes are that they try to "help" ... like make things BIGGER, so they will work BETTER .... `course they don't fit, and now you have to deal with his ego to get them re-sized. Ahhh well, nevertheless,it's swell being a ham!
If you should happen to shop for a bearing to use in place of the TB3, when at the local bearings and transmission shop you will find one that will work. Of the various issues, 2 things to note .. the dimensions, because the store does not normally deal with galvanized mast, which of course varies the size. And .. get the right TYPE of bearing. Explain to a bearing expert where you are using the bearing, so as to get one that is designed for the proper thrust pressures .. downwards and lateral. About the most I used to, in my tower climbing days of old, be able to save dollar wise over the TB3 was about 20 - 30 bux. Living in a logging area (well, it used to be), I had access to bearing stores that had a lot of "stuff" that hams could put to use.

73 Mark AA6DX

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Sorry to disagree with you but a TB3 will not align with the rotor plate
AS25G. Hv one at my feet with redrilled holes.



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