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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: 80 Meter Hybrid Triangle Loop
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Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 06:53:45 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks Tom for the comments,

Hopefully I can help you with my thought process...I
realize that I am not very technically savvy in
antenna theory. This is why I rely on people like you,
Cebik, TowerTalk and others to keep me pointed in the
right direction.

* First...of all I kind of like loops. I have a 40
meter vertical oriented n/s and fed at the bottom. Out
plays the dipole hands down. So I thought I would try
another one...that is 80 meter and orient it e/w. I
have some nice 60 foot trees to work with in that
* 2nd...I am on a city lot so an antenna with
multiband versatility, within range of the rigs
internal tuner is a consideration. It is my
understanding that from the antennas design frequency,
you can go up 1 band (that is 80-160) and down 2-3
(80-40-20) without 2 many problems. I know that he who
dies with the wire in the air wins...I do want to
maximize my choices and limit the overall number of
*  3rd...The configuration of this hybrid loop
provided an easy feed point, laid out nicely in trees,
and was vertical in nature. The feed point in the
article allowed some vertical and horizontal
polarization. Best of both worlds...which from your
comments may be an impossibility.
* 4th...At this point I do not know how to model
antennas. This puts me at a disadvantage with regards
to deseminating the information currently available.
A good tutorial would help.
* 5th...Gain with a loop at its fundamental frequency
is basically equal to that of a dipole. A loop is
quieter by nature and is readily seen when switching
back and forth with the dipole. The data says that
gain is achieved when you go to multiples of the
fundamental frequency, but will be off the lobes.
* 6th...Feedline configuration as a part of the
antenna "System" does make sense. I will look at my
2004 Antenna Handbook on the subject of TLA when I get
* 7th...Given the site, trees available, distance
between endpoints, +/- 55' height, and location to
house/shack, a vertical loop is do able. I have the
thought process that anyone can put up a dipole, but
not everyone can put up a loop (much less a vertical
loop). If there is something else better suited for my
situation...I am open to suggestions. 
* 8th...I can change the configuration to a rectangle
loop, lets say 35' vertical ends by 106.5' top and
bottom...fed vertically or horizontally. I also could
configure a delta loop with apex down...112' top and
85.5' legs. I understand that these would be 100 ohm
impedance and could be fed with 1/4 wave of 72 ohm
* 9th...I have printed out your articles and will
review them.
* 10th...I am designing for 3.55, which would work
well for psk31 and would be multiples of 7.1, 14.2,
and 28.4.
Thanks again for making me think about this and
helping me learn.
Tom, K0PYK

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