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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Re: 80 Meter Hybrid Triangle Loop
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Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 12:20:15 -0500
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* 2nd...I am on a city lot so an antenna with
multiband versatility, within range of the rigs
internal tuner is a consideration.

The art of the do-able. Articles, canned designs are fine, but do they match your possibilities. You can suspend wires in a model with fairy dust, not availble at Lowe's and banned by HOA rules, and leaving you in the lurch. Your remaining attack is messing with the designs in models to get a "tweaked version" that can be hung on supports you actually have.

*  3rd...The configuration of this hybrid loop
provided an easy feed point, laid out nicely in trees,
and was vertical in nature. The feed point in the
article allowed some vertical and horizontal

Common misconception, see Tom's comments. Getting it stamped out in favor of reality seems as impossible as killing all the roaches.

Best of both worlds...which from your
comments may be an impossibility.

* 4th...At this point I do not know how to model
antennas. This puts me at a disadvantage with regards
to deseminating the information currently available.
A good tutorial would help.

Not at all meaning to be dismissive, but how many books did you have to read before you got behind the wheel of a car. It's true it took you time to become experienced and worthy of passengers in the other seats. And for many the classroom time is prerequisite. But that's only because a car can be an unintended lethal weapon.

In modeling it's probably the best approach to just get one, and start driving. You don't have to worry about crashing or using up construction materials. If it doesn't work, just hit the bit bucket. Dig in the books as you go. Go post to Antennaware if you're having trouble with the fine points.

The antenna you are working on is a straightforward model. A good one to start with actually. It will show you what the currents are doing.

* 5th...Gain with a loop at its fundamental frequency
is basically equal to that of a dipole.

Only at the same height and orientation as the resultant transmitted wave from the "loop".

A vertical dipole is a poor performer by contrast with a horizontal unless you're over salt water or a copper-plated county. In ordinary circumstances the losses start with half your power dissipated in the ground and only get worse with clutter and proximity to the ground. City lot problems make "vertical" difficult to do well. Not impossible, but difficult.

Also if the loop is "irregular", meaning "sufficiently" different from a circle or square, the irregularities can squeeze out some of the possibilities, and make the basic loop/dipole comparison invalid.

* 7th...Given the site, trees available, distance
between endpoints, +/- 55' height, and location to
house/shack, a vertical loop is do able.

All the more reason to get a modeling program and learn the currents and feeds. Your problem is an excellent starting point.

73, Guy.


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