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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 21:05:08 +0200
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IMHO, your statement that "SteppIR concept is the most important antenna
design development since the invention of the yagi itself", it's real only
if your life ideal it's a low SWR antenna.  But what about F/B or F/S ratio
?  Aren't they of any importance ? I have also mixed feeling about the
reliability of the copper-berillium perforated strip or the life expectancy
of the modest contacts.

Personally, I can't take too seriously the manufacturer claim that "a long
boom is not needed to achieve near optimum gain and front to back ratios on
20 - 10 meters since the SteppIR can control the element lengths" !!!!


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> Rob, that 1 hour response from the folks at SteppIR is pretty typical of
the kind of customer
> service they provide. You will never regret your decision to go with a
SteppIR yagi, I've had mine
> up a year and it is truly the best performing antenna I've ever had in 40+
years of hamming. I was a
> little skeptical at first, especially looking at the price tag, but
serious HF antennas from Force
> 12 and others cost big bucks too. After considering all the rest I
concluded that all the other
> multi-band yagis have to compromise to some extent... they may have a
dozen or more elements, but
> still only 2 or 3 on each band...whereas the SteppIR actually gives you a
3 element monobander on
> each of those bands, tunable even within a band, PLUS you can hook it up
to your radio so it will
> follow along seamlessly as you tune around or change bands. I think the
SteppIR concept is the most
> important antenna design development since the invention of the yagi
itself, and I have lots of
> company... check out (and join) the SteppIR YahooGroup at
> and you'll find a great bunch (over 600 happy users and growing) who will
be happy to answer your
> questions and share info on the SteppIR antennas.
> 73,  Jerry K3BZ


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