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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New antenna system
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Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 14:34:04 -0500
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Morel... we all know SWR is not the whole story. I will let others debate with you about the SteppIR's F/Band F/B ratios and gain figures in comparison with other antennas, as I am not all that well qualified to discuss such matters.

As concerns reliability and life expectancy of components, Fluidmotion has test-cycled the SteppIR mechanisms literally millions of times without failure. If you will search the archives of more than 4000 postings over the past 2-1/2 years of the SteppIR YahooGroup
you will find that over 600 users have described perhaps a dozen or two instances of problems, most of which were eventually attributed to causes other than the SteppIR antenna itself. And solutions to the few "actual" problems were quickly found and just as quickly resolved by Fluidmotion's amazingly responsive customer service. I know of no other manufacturer of antennas anywhere in the world that has the record of customer satisfaction and responsiveness to custmer needs that the folks at Fluidmotion have earned. If there has been one downside, it's that there have been so many orders that it takes a while to get one of these magnificent antennas. But, as always, anything worth having is worth waiting for!!

So, Morel, I will challenge you... you have my opinion, and I can point to the huge worldwide response to the SteppIR and the nearly universal satisfaction of SteppIR users worldwide as my evidence. Perhaps you can name me another "antenna design development since the invention of the yagi" that shows more promise for great all-around performance than the SteppIR concept? I don't think so....

73, my friend, and good DX..... Jerry K3BZ

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IMHO, your statement that "SteppIR concept is the most important antenna
design development since the invention of the yagi itself", it's real only
if your life ideal it's a low SWR antenna.  But what about F/B or F/S ratio
?  Aren't they of any importance ? I have also mixed feeling about the
reliability of the copper-berillium perforated strip or the life expectancy
of the modest contacts.

Personally, I can't take too seriously the manufacturer claim that "a long
boom is not needed to achieve near optimum gain and front to back ratios on
20 - 10 meters since the SteppIR can control the element lengths" !!!!

73 Morel 4X1AD

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Rob, that 1 hour response from the folks at SteppIR is pretty typical of
the kind of customer
service they provide. You will never regret your decision to go with a
SteppIR yagi, I've had mine
up a year and it is truly the best performing antenna I've ever had in 40+
years of hamming. I was a
little skeptical at first, especially looking at the price tag, but
serious HF antennas from Force
12 and others cost big bucks too. After considering all the rest I
concluded that all the other
multi-band yagis have to compromise to some extent... they may have a
dozen or more elements, but
still only 2 or 3 on each band...whereas the SteppIR actually gives you a
3 element monobander on
each of those bands, tunable even within a band, PLUS you can hook it up
to your radio so it will
follow along seamlessly as you tune around or change bands. I think the
SteppIR concept is the most
important antenna design development since the invention of the yagi
itself, and I have lots of
company... check out (and join) the SteppIR YahooGroup at
and you'll find a great bunch (over 600 happy users and growing) who will
be happy to answer your
questions and share info on the SteppIR antennas.
73,  Jerry K3BZ


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