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[TowerTalk] New antenna system

Subject: [TowerTalk] New antenna system
From: "Howard Klein" <>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2004 00:49:45 +0000
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It seems strange that the harshest, possibly the only critics of the SteppIR antennas, are those who have the least experience with the antenna. I have not seen nor heard of a single complaint from an owner. Although I am sure there is ONE out there. I have had 4 SteppIR antennas. I have assembled 6 SteppIRs and can do it in a couple of hours for a 4 el to an hour for a 3 el. I currently have two stacked 4 el SteppIRs and have not had a problem that was not operator induced. When I did screw up FM guys were right there to bail me out with parts and advice as needed. It seems obtuse to equate an individual's mechanical inepptitude with designer error. Based on that reasoning we would all still be walking from bush to bush for our sustenance. So far as appliance ops, the SteppIR is the only antenna I know of that allows me to run modelling programs in my shack and experiment with various designs as often and as much as I feel the need. I make daily adjustments to my antennas from the comfort of my shack. I doubt that I would be doing much experimentation if I had to climb the tower during our harsh northeastern winters (summers too for that matter).


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