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Subject: RE: [BULK] - Re: [TowerTalk] New antenna system
From: Steve Katz <>
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 15:35:25 -0800
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        I don't doubt this, at all.

        I don't have a SteppIR, although I'm enthused enough about them that
I plan one for the Spring, probably.  Problem is, with band condx as they
are getting to be, I'd be dumb not to go for the gusto and get the 40 meter
model, which is a tad big for my lot and available space.

        Not having one on property, the only comparisons I can make are with
neighbors pretty close by who do have antennas installed at the same height,
elevation (above sea level) and close enough lat/long to make some
reasonable comparisons.  Tom, W6EIJ, lives 3.0 miles from me at the same
elevation and HAAT as I am, and we both have the same height towers.  The
terrain between us is flat, as is everything around both of us for a few
miles, so our locations are pretty comparable.  And 3 miles on HF isn't very
far.  So, I make believe his SteppIR 3L is on my property.  It's not, but
it's close.

        We have been in *many* round-tables on the various bands 20~10
meters over the past couple of years, with Tom using his SteppIR and me
using a 6L LPDA at the same height, and us both running the same power (1
kW, SB220 stuff), and by gosh, we hear the same stuff, and get the same
reports -- typically, *exactly* the same reports, from anywhere.  So, I'm
convinced the SteppIR and 6L LPDA are very similar in "performance."  The
reason I'm intrigued by the SteppIR is the tricks it can do, like "rotating"
in a few seconds, and the bi-directional ability.  Also, it can probably be
tuned to a nearly perfect VSWR anywhere between its frequency extremes,
irrespective of stuff nearby.  LPDAs are notoriously finnicky about having
other beams on the same mast, etc.

        So, I'm pretty much "sold."  I was waiting a couple of years to hear
about motor failures and such, but there haven't been any to speak of, so
I'm convinced it's probably as trouble-free as any HF beam might be, and
maybe more so than some trap models.


>  I'm with you, Floyd.... I'm absolutely astounded that these antennas have
> so few negative comments. 
> But I assure you, it's not because of our "cult" status.... I think it's
> because the SteppIR 
> antennas are just that damn good. Wait until you've had yours a while....
> I bet you will wear the 
> funny hat and dance around the fire with the rest of us....
> 73,  Jerry K3BZ

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and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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