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Subject: [TowerTalk] A3WS HELP
From: "Jacques RAMBAUD" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 20:07:11 -0000
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A good friend F8BBL is having a problem with a brand new A3WS : the VSWR is not 
good, the antenna resonate at about 1 MHz too high in frequency despite the 
fact that dimensions have been double and triple checked, tests have been done 
at different height .We have increased the length of the driven element by up 
to 20 cm, resonance shifted no more than 300 KHz.Now we are suspecting that 
traps are not OK. 
Like to know if somebody had the same problem already?
Does somebody know the resonance frequency of the traps?
Among the 6 traps one looks very different , the central tube is shifted but 
changing the position of this trap from driven to reflector ended with no 
Cuscraft is supposed to send an other trap .
Can somebody suggest a method to check the resonance frequency, we had no luck 
with the MFJ 259 and the dip option ,this week end we will have an Agilent  
network analizer so I suppose that coupling with few turns we should see the 
resonance frequency and see if they all look the same .
Many thanks for the help.
73 Jacques F6BKI

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