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Subject: RE: [TowerTalk] TL-922 (OFF TOPIC)
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Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 01:49:51 -0000
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I always go to to check for manuals.  Operator manuals
are easy to find as they are on what I call the first layer.  Many service
manuals are there also but you have to really want to find them.  For
service manuals you first click on the 'manual' button in the upper part of
the left side, that takes you to the service manual pages.

de Paul, W8AEF

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Hey gang:

I just picked up a TL-922 that is really clean, and the price was right.
The only problem is that there was no user / Operator manual.  It's been a
long time since I've owned one of these, and can't remember the details.

Does anyone have a manual available?  Of course, I'd be happy to pay for
copying / postage / time and trouble.  I've checked online to no avail, so
if you know a website, I'd appreciate that also.

73 de KN6RO


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