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[TowerTalk] KLM 40M-2 more gain , possible ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] KLM 40M-2 more gain , possible ?
From: "J.Hector Garcia M" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 00:15:55 -0800
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i  want to put on the air the klm 40m-2 antenna that i get like 7years ago,  i 
never use it , i get from a  friend  in los angeles to another friend here in 
Mexico but at the end i finish with the antena,  i start to clean/ensambly the 
antenna, looks for missing parts , but not, all looks fine except for a few 
clamps that need  to remplace ,  this one come with the balun upgrade , a big 
with balun , his mounting plate and the double teflon cable rg-142 with one pl 
259 at each end.

i start  gain  but a 12 dbs f/b swr 125 khz  1.5:1  

i get the info from Msquare  and they have a model  with a 4.2 dBd in a 19' 7"  
boom  same bandwith

i have my hy-gain  discoverer  72   that claim in the manual  4.3 dBd  , 15 dBd 
F/B   also claim a swr bandwith  + - similar (they use the 2:1 reference 
187khz) but in my antenna show a 210 khz 1.5:1 bandwith at 140ft high.

this is for the question,  i  will get more gain  and f/b if  i use the same 
separation that Msquare  or Hy-gain ?

or was the best or optimal  separation for this class of antenna with linear 
loads ?

i have more pipe to extend to  that size.  i will like to  get the most for the 
same  effort.

tnx in advance


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