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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 15:07:16 +0000
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I really don't want to get into a big discussion about this and I understand 
all about the inaccuracies of S meters.  I should have qualified this part as I 
have done receiving tests using the rig S meter and notice a large difference 
between the single vertical and the array.  Gain numbers were derived using on 
the air transmitting to EU stations and interpretting their received results.  
Many inaccuracies I agree but they also notice a large difference between the 
two.  So I conclude that maybe the Comtek box/system is not optimized, and that 
is beyond my capabilities, but it is doing something and I like it.  Phil KB9CRY

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> > I also have a single HF2V far away from the 4 square and 
> have done on the air tests with EU stations switching back 
> and forth between the two setups. I'll admit the gain 
> testing may have also been affected by propagation, etc. 
> Also, I've done a lot of receiving testing looking at the 
> differences on the S meter on the rig (930S) while switching 
> between the two. What I will state is that there is 
> definately an improvement. Phil 
> Most S meters I've tested are OK over S-9, about 5 dB per S 
> unit near S-9, and drop to very low db/S unit values at the 
> low end of the scale. Of course some are better, some are 
> worse. 
> A few of my radios are 1dB per S unit at low S unit 
> readings, although they are very close around S9 plus. 
> I think the fact most S meters are less than 5dB per S unit 
> is behind manufacturers of miniquads and things making 
> exaggerated gain and F/B claims. 

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