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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: [Array-user] I.C.E. Products waterproofing
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Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 12:32:19 -0500 (EST)
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A further issue with these ICE coax suppressors is that the box itself is not 
waterproof. I have three of them and they are built using a one piece solid box 
(rectangular aluminun) with a top and bottom plate with four screws holding the 
assembly together. None of these parts are waterproofed and they DO leak if 
exposed to the elements.
I solved the moisture issue by disassembling them and running a bead of silicon 
caulk around all mating surfaces. A bit messy, but it works.

As for the actual connectors, many layers of electrical tape have always worked 
for me on coax connectors, and several coats of a weatherproofing spray have 
worked pretty well on rotor cable conections.

73, Charles, K4ZRJ


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Subject: [Array-user] I.C.E. Products waterproofing

I have just received my recent order of I.C.E. coax Suppressors 
including the Model 349 Rotor control wire protector.
I will be installing these at the base of my tower using the ICE 318-4 
mounting fixture.  My tower is grounded using a linked three point 
(120 degree) 10 ft ground rod UFER ground system.

Since the suppressors will be exposed to the elements I wonder if some 
of you may share the methods you may use to waterproof the coax and 
rotor cable screw connections.  My plan is to coat the connections 
with a product called liquid tape then cover them with the commercial 
grade of coax-seal.  Would anyone have experience on how this method 
holds up to ultraviolet exposure that is part of living in the 
cloudless skies of the Las Vegas valley?

TIA & 73

Alan Zack
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