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Against Tri-ex's recommendation I did climb my LM-470 to secure the feed
lines and control lines to each standoff.  I did jam a 2x4 through the
crossbars at the top of each tower section with the idea that maybe if the
cable did break the 2x4 would keep the tower from fully telescoping.
Dangerous and I sure don't recommend it.

A much safer way to secure things would be to hire a boom truck with a man
basket.  Here in Phoenix boom trucks are very inexpensive to hire because of
all of the roof mounted air conditioners.

In hindsight, I could have cranked the tower to it's fully extended position
while it was horizontal and resting on blocks.  That would require some kind
of dolly to support the upper sections as they were extended.  My LM-470 is
positive pull-down so running the sections back in would not have been a
problem and even without positive pull-down I have a cable winch that would

I do recommend that you secure the cables at each standoff as that will
spread the weight of the cables among the standoff's rather that putting all
of the weight on one standoff if it were only secured at the top.  And those
cables do get heavy.

I used 1/8" nylon string to tie the cables to each standoff and then wrapped
plastic tape over the string to protect the string from the sun.

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I am at the final stages of my tower installation.  The hole digging,
concrete work, grounding, etc, have been done by a professional cel phone
tower installer who does ham towers as a sideline.
My tower is a crank up with a tilt over feature.  Could anyone suggest a
book, manual, or web site that shows how to loop coax and rotor control
lines on crank ups?  The tower came with coax stand offs at each tower
section for this purpose.  What is the preferred method of attaching cables
to these stand offs?  How do you determine how large of a loop to use?  I
realize I could fully crank up the tower then climb it and attach the cables
to the stand offs but I would prefer to do this with the tower cranked down
and folded over.  To accomplish this I need to know how large of a loop to
use at the junction of each
12 ft section when it is cranked down and folded over.
Since professional cel towers do not crank down nor fold over my installer
does not have experience with this and would have to use a trial and error
method to make the loops.  I would expect there are persons on this
reflector who know how to make these calculations.
TIA & 73

Alan Zack
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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