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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Looking for some tower advice
From: "Alan C. Zack" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 14:11:17 -0800
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Hi Jim,
I was in your same position about 6 months ago. At first I planned to use a US Towers tower as I had visited their factory several times as part of the Intl DX Convention at Visalia and their towers seemed to be what I needed. Then I discovered I needed IBC-2000, 90 MPH wind calcs for my bldg permit. US Towers could provide UBC-97 75 MPH wind calcs but not the 90 MPH. After my repeated calls asking just which of their towers could pass 90 MPH wind calcs UST finally told me that they could not get the 90 MPH wind calcs for me and didn't seem to want to help me get them. I gave up on UST and contacted Drake Dimitry at Heights Tower. Drake was able to provide the 90 MPH wind calcs my bldg dept required right away and has helped me in every step of the way during my installation. I am at the point now of just having my 4 ft bottom section of my fold over kit base installed a couple of days ago onto my base and this weekend should have the rest of the tower connected to the FOK and up in the air.

I have the 40' Heights crank up aluminum tower (Model CUA40) with the motorized fold over kit. The heavy duty 16 ft mast will put my antenna up to about 55 ft. I chose the 40 ft tower only because my city will issue a bldg permit for towers 45 ft or less without a variance. Over 45 ft I would need a variance meaning all my neighbors would be sent a letter and their comments would be invited and there could be a city hearing. I wanted to avoid any variances or hearings and so got the permit for the 40 ft tower.

Based on my experience I would go for the Heights Towers. Two people can carry the CUA40 around the yard but we plan on using four people to hold it steady in a horiz position when we attach it to the FOK base for the final part of the installation. I don't think you could do that with a steel tower.

Jim Aguirre wrote:

I'm relocating to a new QTH soon and will be putting up a couple of new towers. My first priority is to get a modest tower up alongside the house to carry VHF/UHF and Microwave antennas...6M through 23CM. The second...and, possibly, third...tower(s) can come a bit later.

I will be purchasing new towers, so have some choices to make regarding styles, material (aluminum or steel) and options. Here are some of the criteria I have in mind for the first tower.

I'm looking for something about 50' in height, 15-20 square foot antenna capacity, freestanding (don't want guy wires cluttering up the yard), tiltover design of some sort for easy antenna work. Not necessary to be telescoping unit, but could be.

I've been looking at a couple of possibilities: a 55' US Tower tubular (MA-550MDP) with freestanding, rotatable base or a 48' Heights aluminum tower (Model 48-23-90) with "foldover" base. While the US Tower unit wouldn't carry 15-20 sq ft of antenna extended, it could do so retracted. Heights offers a 48-footer rated at 23 sq ft in 90 MPH wind.

I will probably need at least 12' of mast above the top ot the tower on which to stack the antennas. With the rotatable tubular, that doesn't look like a problem; not sure with the Heights tower.

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.



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