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[TowerTalk] TB6EM low swr in high part of the band .. solved

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TB6EM low swr in high part of the band .. solved
From: "J.Hector Garcia M" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 16:06:04 -0800
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after several test and diferentes changes  using the original telrex balun,  i 
remove it,  and my swr is very good,  the best i can get in all the bands using 
the original balun was  1.5 flat across 20m all  the band, in the 15, was good, 
1.2 one edge to 1.6 the higher edge,
 10m was very narrow and only 1.1 in the 26.6 and narrow. a few 400 khz.

i add 2.5 inche at the 20m driver  at each tip, and my swr is 1.2 in the lowest 
and  14.0 1.4   14.400 1.5   very good to me.
15m  1.3 21.000 and 1.5 at 21.450.

28 .300 1.5   29.2 1.5   looks good to me , 

all this last result using only coax cable no ferrite beads, or any other balun 
i will test using ferrites and later  comercial baluns, and i will leave the 
one that lower swr across the bands..

really the telrex balun   get old and become useless.

and no low swr in the channel 19 cb , like some  post say..

73 de XE2K/XF1K

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