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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] modeling help?
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Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2004 09:36:55 -0800
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> Jim:  Thanks ever so much for the lesson.  Like I said, I am no modeler,
> you sure told me why I probably never will be....I was never very detail
> oriented. can and should be a modeler..
 Modeling can be either detail or big picture.  The trick is understanding
what YOU want.  If you just want big picture, then modeling is easy, because
you're not looking for gnat's eyelash precision, more a good understanding.
At that level, you don't need to agonize about whether every piece is
modeled perfectly, because what you're really looking for is whether
something is fairly good or really horrible.

> I'm a big picture guy.  I obviously have many issues to address
> before I can even talk intelligently to someone about modeling.  Again,
> thanks for the education.  It is enlightening.  73 bob de w9ge

I, too, am a big picture person.  I rarely, if ever, model details, because
I know that things like construction tolerances will be a bigger effect than
modeling errors. I use modeling to answer questions like: "Is the rain
gutter going to affect the pattern", for which all you do is throw a wire in
where the gutter is and see if it makes a change.  If it changes, then I
don't need to model the gutter, because it's gonna change the pattern, and I
could never model it to sufficient precision to get an accurate pattern.
But now, I know that the gutter is a "problem", and can think about moving
the antenna, breaking up the gutter, etc.

The people who spend hours and days modeling are the folks trying to get the
last bit of performance out (e.g. my colleagues at work designing antennas
for deep space probes... you get one shot, and it had better work)

R.W. Hamming said it best: "The purpose of computing is insight, not


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