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[TowerTalk] telescoped tubing

Subject: [TowerTalk] telescoped tubing
From: W0UN -- John Brosnahan <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 23:34:51 -0600
List-post: <>
Been down this road before with simple problems but this one is more
complex.  I have some 2024-T3 aircraft tubing that is telescoped over an
extended length--like 48 inches in some cases.  Larger tubing is
2.0 inch x 0.120 wall and smaller tubing is 1.75 inch x 0.120.  These
were telescoped together in the 1970s and were tight fits back then, and
have resisted simple attempts to separate them over the decades.

I will probably try all of the tricks in the book, such as differential heating
by heating the outer one and then running cold water in the inner one.
And I may resort to hydraulic boost with either manual hydraulic jacks or a
log-splitter adapter to push them apart.

But before I use force I would like to get some lubricant inside the
telescoped gap.  Obviously it has to be low viscosity, but I am willing
to soak the pipes for an extended period of time to try and get the
lubricant into the entire length of overlap.

Any thoughts on lubricant (like penetrating oil or WD-40 or ???) that
will WICK into the gap and be cheap enough so I can afford to buy
it by the gallon?

Any other suggestions?  When I have the tubing ready to separate I
will use cold-rolled steel blocks that clamp onto the tubing.  I have already
made sizes for both diameters of tubing.  Just want to get some lubricant
into the joint first to help prevent or at least reduce the chances for
galling the aluminum.

Thanks--John W0UN


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