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Re: [TowerTalk] telescoped tubing -- followup

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] telescoped tubing -- followup
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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 07:36:01 -0800
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Subject: [TowerTalk] telescoped tubing -- followup

> I received a number of responses--some on the reflector and many direct to
>    ---   THANKS
> Just thought I would add a few comments and summarize.  BTW  I always use
> anti-oxidant when assembling tubing--such as Noalox.  I did not assemble
> tubes and I don't know if any antioxidant was used or not.
> In any case the tubing will be used as part of my 40M array and I have no
> pieces so I need to salvage every piece if possible.  Since it is the
> 2024-T3 (and much more expensive) with a special heat treatment I want to
> very careful about just how hot I get it if I try to do some differential
> heating.

I have had fairly poor luck separating galled aluminum with differential
heating.  The thermal conductivity of the Al is just too high, so it all
winds up at the same temperature. However, someone had suggested to me that
heating (gently, not too hot) and cooling can help get a lubricant to move
in the gaps that aren't cold welded.  Vibration (for hours) was also
suggested. I've never tried it myself, though.

> KROIL seems to be the product recommended by the largest number of
> respondees.  Also mentioned is PB Blaster--something I have seen but never
> tried.  Think I will add a can to my stock of good tricks.  Also mentioned
> POMotoroil that creeps.  I'll look into it as well.
> So I will probably give KROIL a try first.  Some of the pipes are here in
> and some are still in Colorado.  I probably have 20 or so of these to work
> so some up front effort is warranted since it will be "pro-rated" across
> large number of pipes to be separated.


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